Title screen for a video game: Lamplight Hollow, where do your dreams take you? A short game by Luciano Sgarbi.

Lamplight Hollow

A short game by Luciano Sgarbi

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Lamplight Hollow

Lucid dreams can help dreamers grow.

These lucid dreams can help dreamers explore and resolve issues. Issues they might not be aware of in their waking lives. Issues their subconscious are eager to tackle.

Image of two characters with dialogue from a character named Wilbur: 'Tutorial dungeon.'

Lamplight Hollow is about such a dreamer.

Join this dreamer as they undertake a journey through their dreams -- exploring the unexplored, examining the unexamined, and befriending the not-always-friendly.

Image of two characters in a spotlight with multiple characters in the darkness with dialogue: 'Yikes.'

Explore the dreamer's world and consider its implications.

You will be joined by a motley group of characters who might or might not be helpful, will find treasures that might or might not be treasured, and might even recall those memories that were seemingly too-easy-to-forget.

Image of Chatterbox with dialogue: 'Chatterbox appeared. And he ... won't stop talking.'

Lamplight Hollow, a clever and quirky RPG. Created by Luciano Sgarbi. Presented by Jennifer Ann's Group.

About Lamplight Hollow

Lamplight Hollow was developed by Luciano Sgarbi and is a winning video game from the 2019 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge presented by Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit charity working to overcome the global problem of abusive relationships, particularly among adolescents.

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Development: Luciano Sgarbi @flapdoddle
Produced by: Jennifer Ann's Group @stopTDV
ESRB Rating E for Everyone Pictures or sounds likely to be scary (Rarely)

About Jennifer Ann's Group

Since 2008 Jennifer Ann's Group's Gaming Against Violence program has produced more than fifty serious video games about serious issues. Previous video game topics include bystander awareness, consent, healthy relationships, and teen dating violence prevention. This award-winning approach to violence prevention is evidence-based and the games are available for use in university studies. Please contact Jennifer Ann's Group to discuss research opportunities.

Jennifer Ann's Group is named for Jennifer Ann Crecente, a high school senior killed by her ex-boyfriend. The nonprofit charity was created by her dad in her memory.

More information about Jennifer Ann's Group is available at JenniferAnn.org.